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Surroundings of Pension Hujer in Bojnice

Bojnice Castle

The most important cultural and historical sightseeing of Bojnice is definitely Bojnice Castle . This majestic building dominates the town Bojnice and Pension Hujer is only approximately 100m far from it. The small distance enables perfect view from the rooms of the Pension on the most visited castle in Slovakia . Museum Bojnice plays important role in the fact, that the place is very attractive and often visited. The museum regularly organises cultural and social events in the castle f.e. International festival of ghosts, Fairy tale castle, Knights' days, St. Valentine's weekend, Noble Christmas and Three Magi in the Castle.


Lime of King Matthew

Part of the Bojnicke Castle and its surroundings is also Lime of King Mathew. It is the oldest lime in Slovakia, the estimated age of this tree is over 600 years. In the same garden you can also find the lime planted by present president of the Slovak Republic Ivan Gašparovič.


ZOO Bojnice

50 metres from Bojnice Castle there is the entrance to ZOO Bojnice, which is opened during the whole year. Very popular attraction of the ZOO is the elephant pavilion or completely new monkey and felidae pavilions. ZOO is a perfect place for families with children, that can spend a nice day here.


Hawkers group Aquila Bojnice

Hawkers show is a fantastic program that visitors of Bojnice Castle and ZOO can enjoy too. Members of hawkers group Aquila will show you their art in open air theatre behind historical restaurant Zámocká reštaurácia. Magical show includes also performance of historical fencing from period of baroque and gothic in historical costumes, you can admire belly dancers, night fire show and fakirs. It is also possible to make a photo with an eagle of hawk on your arm.


Museum of primeval ages Bojnice

Museum of primeval ages Bojnice is located in the historical core of Bojnice, in the area of the cave – Prepoštská jaskyňa. After paying symbolical entrance fee you can admire a part of precious history of primeval ages of Bojnice and Slovakia and enjoy return to the period of Neanderthals, that lived on area of the town 60 000 – 120 000 years ago.


Open air swimming pool Čajka

During the summer season you can visit open air swimming pool Čajka Bojnice with thermal water, new swimming pools and toboggans or beach swimming pool between towns Bojnice and Prievidza which is about 1 km far from Pension Hujer.


Spa Bojnice

Those who love thermal springs should definitely visit Spa Bojnice with its sauna world, wellness, fitness gym. Spa Bojnice Spa Bojnice offers also services to their clients like cosmetic service, pedicure, hairdresser's ...


Sport Centre Bojnice

Active sportsmen can enjoy Športcentrum Bojnice, which is built over the Bojnice Spa. You can find there tennis hall, tennis playgrounds, racing track, professional fitness gym with sauna and massages.


Horse-riding club Mitani

There are various sport facilities near to Bojnice, one of them is the horse-riding club Mitani in Kocurany – 8 km from Bojnice. It is a perfect place for families with children to spend beautiful afternoon in the country. Children will surely enjoy sitting on the horse back.



Fans of fishing have more opportunities to enjoy their hobby in surrounding of Pension Hujer in Bojnice. One of them is the water basin Kanianska priehrada which is only 3 km far from Bojnice or water basin Nitrianske Rudno (10 km far), where you can rent windsurfing, water bike or a boat in summer. For those who do not have the fishing licence but who would like to try fishing we can recommend visit of fish ponds in Remata (8 km from Bojnice) or water world in Sebedražie (3 km). It is possible to angle trout here, which can be then grilled on wood coal.


Sporting facilities near Bojnice

Fans of sport can visit sport hall or ice stadium in Prievidza – 1 km far from Bojnice. Both are available during the whole year except of summer break.


Spa Chalmová

Spa Chalmová is located 16 km from Bojnice. It offers thermal water, whirling bath, sauna and massages. Part of the area is a swimming pool and children's pool.


Minigolf Prievidza

Another nice activity you can try during your stay in Pension Hujer is minigolf, which is about 20 minutes of walk. If you prefer playing of serious golf you can enjoy it in Golf club in Koš, 5 km far.


Sightseeing flight, parachuting – Prievidza Airport

Another interesting attraction - airport in Prievidza offers sightseeing flights to their clients. If the weather is nice, you can admire beautiful panoramatic view of Bojnice and whole Upper Nitra. A nice present or surprise for your partner can be a tandem or solo parachuting jump, which is offered by Aeroclub Prievidza. (More info: www.zoskok.sk)


Outdoor museum of mining on Upper Nitra

Horná Nitra is famous for mining. We recommend to visit Outdoor museum of mining on Upper Nitra in Cigel, which is about 6 km from Bojnice. You can learn much about the history of mining.


Skiing possibilities

Due to its location, Bojnice and its surrounding can offer their visitors relax also in winter period. Before the evening sauna or swimming in indoor water pools of Spa Bojnice you can spend a nice day skiing in nearby skiing resorts Ski Remata (8 km), Fačkovské sedlo (14 km) or Poruba (5 km).

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